August 17, 2018

Hello There!!

This being my first post I wanted to share with you a little about D&B solutions and why we do what we do. Beginning in 2014 I began to work in Arlington/Fort Worth area selling merchant services. As I approached business owners people began to ask me the question, “Why do you do this? Your market is saturated!! I get 5 calls a day in regards to this.” So naturally I began to ask myself the same question, “Why do I do this? Is there really a need in the market for just another merchant service guy?”

After pondering these questions for about a year I realized that there was a need for merchant service guys in the market who are polite, professional, and offer local service. I also began to find that there was something more that was missing. That was cutting edge technology with local service. I began to resell Ipad based POS systems designed specifically for restaurant and retail. I saw more and more of these systems in shops and restaurants but they were only sourced and resold by people in New York, Boston or some other far away land. I knew this was my niche. This was where I could help business owners in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. I decided I wanted to blend cutting edge payment technology and local service that isn’t costly. D & B Solutions doesn’t want to just save you a dollar here and there on credit card processing, we want to help make your business better by making it more efficient.

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