About Us

Why We Do This

I wanted to share with you a little about D&B solutions and why we do what we do. Beginning in 2014 I began to work in Arlington/Fort Worth area selling merchant services. As I approached business owners people began to ask me the question, “Why do you do this? Your market is saturated!! I get 5 calls a day in regards to this.” So naturally I began to ask myself the same question, “Why do I do this? Is there really a need in the market for just another merchant service guy?”
After pondering these questions for about a year I realized that there was a need for merchant service guys in the market who are polite, professional, and offer local service. I also began to find that there was something more that was missing. That was cutting edge technology with local service. I began to resell iPad-based POS systems designed specifically for restaurant and retail. I saw more and more of these systems in shops and restaurants but they were only sourced and resold by people in New York, Boston or some other far away land. I knew this was my niche. This was where I could help business owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I decided I wanted to blend cutting edge payment technology with local service that isn’t costly. D & B Solutions doesn’t want to just save you a dollar here and there on credit card processing, we want to help make your business better by making it more efficient.

Bryan & Adam

Bryan grew up in Waco and attended Mary-Hardin Baylor University. Bryan has been working in the credit card processing industry in Dallas and Fort Worth since 2014. He now lives in Arlington with his wife and three kids.

Adam has lived the in the DFW area almost his whole life. He graduated from Texas A&M University and lives in Arlington with his wife and son (with one more on the way). He joined Bryan to help provide personalized service and technical support with our point-of-sale and technological solutions.

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